Touchdown Dance Injury: Signs You Need To See A Chiropractor After Your Superbowl Celebration

Superbowl Sunday is a time for friendly rivalry, too much food and tons of fun while enjoying a football game that is watched on television by almost half of American households. However, if you're feeling sorer than a Panthers player the day after the game, chances are you have done yourself an injury while leaping out of the chair at touchdown time. It is not only sports players who benefit from the professional touch of a chiropractor, but what types of injuries can a chiropractor help you with?

Ankle Sprains Or Strains

Were you headed towards the buffet table when the roar of the crowd on the television caused you to make an abrupt turn to head back in the other direction? If so, the pain in your ankle this morning that is causing you to hobble could be a sprain or a strain. Your ankle contains soft tissue, and when you do an abrupt pivot, you put too much pressure on this joint, which can cause damage.

After examining the ankle to determine the damage, a chiropractor will consider whether hot or cold treatments, massage, or immobilizing the ankle is the best course of treatment. Leaving an ankle sprain untreated can lead to painful walking that will slow you down and may have an impact on your job, so it is not something to be ignored for long.

Tender Shoulder

Did you get a little enthusiastic while throwing the football back and forwards with your friends in the lounge during the game? While your attempts to mimic the actions of Eli Manning are admirable, the tender shoulder you're experiencing this morning could be shoulder tendinitis. This injury is common in both amateur and professional football players, and it happens because you over-extended the muscles in your shoulder during the throwing motion.

Calling in a chiropractor for help is especially important if you are finding it difficult to use the arm to carry objects, or if you can't raise it to any height. These are both indicators you have damaged the tendons in the shoulder, and you may require anti-inflammatory medication and other treatments to heal the trauma.

When Superbowl Sunday has left you stiff and struggling to move, contact your local chiropractor to discuss your recovery options. Since there is no one-size-fits-all cure for body pain, only a hands-on diagnosis is going to give you the treatment you need to feel better and more mobile again.

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