Alternative Treatment Options For Your Chronic Sinusitis

When you suffer from chronic sinusitis (also known as chronic sinus infections), you may find yourself wondering if you will ever find any real relief from your symptoms. After all, antibiotics only seem to temporarily reduce symptoms if anything and other conventional medical treatments may have only similarly temporary effects at best. While you may not realize it, conventional medicine is not the only way to go about treating chronic sinusitis. Alternative medicine can also offer helpful options and treatments for this condition. Get to know some of the possible alternative treatment options for your chronic sinusitis so that you can start feeling some relief as soon as possible.

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is a treatment option that may help you with your chronic sinusitis. This alternative medicine practice stems from ancient China and has been used to treat illnesses, pain, and other health ailments for thousands of years. It is based on the idea that the human body is made up of flowing energy. This energy moves throughout the body maintaining health and balance.

When the energy is out of balance in a person's body, they can suffer from serious health problems and discomfort including issues such as chronic sinusitis. An acupuncturist seeks to restore balance in the energy of the body by using tiny needles inserted into specific energy points or hubs in the body and triggering that energy flow. For chronic sinusitis, this includes acupuncture points in the hands, spinal area, abdomen, and face and neck.

Nasal Irrigation

Another way that you can help to treat your chronic sinus infections naturally or through alternative medicine is through nasal irrigation. Nasal irrigation is a way to flush out your sinuses to rid your nasal passages and sinus cavities of the bacteria and other buildup that may be causing your sinus inflammation and discomfort.

To irrigate your nasal passages, you will need a saline solution and a device like a neti pot or a syringe aspirator. If you do not want to purchase a saline solution, you can make yourself one by dissolving a small amount of salt into warm water.

Pour or spray the warm saline solution into one of your nostrils and then tip your head to allow the solution to drain out the other nostril. Then repeat on the other side. The saline solution will pick up debris and irritants in your nasal cavity that may be contributing to your symptoms and your infections, providing you with much-needed relief.

Now that you know a few of the alternative treatment options for your chronic sinus infections, you can give them a try and see if these treatments can provide you with the relief you have been looking for. To learn more, contact a company like West Omaha Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic

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