Three Ideas For Spending Your Time After A Chiropractic Adjustment

If you're able, it's ideal to schedule your chiropractic adjustments on days that you aren't overly busy. Doing so gives you the ability to enjoy a block of time immediately after the appointment that you can fill with elements that aid in the healing process. Keep in mind that after your adjustment, your body can be in a sensitive state – the last thing you want to do is cause your adjusted spine to shift back into its earlier position that was causing you pain. While your chiropractor will be able to give you specific aftercare techniques to adopt based on your specific back health, these three ideas are beneficial to think about.

Rest If You Need It

Some chiropractic patients will feel a deep desire to rest after their adjustment, which is part of the reason that it's ideal to allow open time after you leave the clinic. Remember, your body has just gone through a significant physical shift, and you might be experiencing some sore muscles that feel like they need rest. If you're going to rest, commit to it fully – don't simply crash on the couch, as you might find yourself in an awkward position that harms your back. Instead, lie down in your bed and support your back, as needed, with pillows so that you feel comfortable.

Get A Little Gentle Exercise

You can also use the time after your chiropractic adjustment to engage in some gentle exercise. Your exercise shouldn't be vigorous – if there's any doubt as to the nature of your exercise, make sure to discuss it with your chiropractor during the appointment. Generally, something simple such as walking can be suitable for post-adjustment chiropractic patients. This exercise is an effective way to get your blood flowing to contribute to the healing process without straining your back muscles or jarring your joints. Try to keep the workout length short and stop it immediately if you begin to notice any back pain.

Avoid Stress

It's important to avoid stress after your chiropractic adjustments; this is part of the reason that it's ideal to have open time after your appointment instead of rushing back to work, for example. Stress is detrimental to the health of your back because it can tighten your muscles and restrict the flow of blood. You can avoid stress in a number of different ways, including simply spending time somewhere relaxing, such as at your local park.

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