Non-Surgical Options To Relieve Endometriosis Pain

Annual visits to your gynecologist are important for maintaining your health, but certain conditions can become chronic conditions to treat or manage. Considering endometriosis affects 2 to 10 percent of woman in their childbearing years, understanding the condition is smart for your health and wellness. Excessive bleeding, fatigue, infertility, and painful intercourse are all signs of this condition, but endometriosis is mostly known for its overwhelming pain. While surgery is an option, it does not always stop the pain of endometriosis. Using this guide, you can ease or treat the pain of your endometriosis in a non-invasive, non-toxic manner.


Endometriosis pain can be very uncomfortable, so the thought of inserting multiple needles into your body may not be appealing. However, the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture is effective for relieving stress and pain associated with your endometriosis. In addition, it may be able to improve your infertility issues.

During menstruation, bleeding removes the excess tissue inside the uterus. If you have endometriosis, extra tissue develops on the outside of the uterus as well. Unfortunately, menstrual bleeding cannot remove this exterior tissue. This accumulation of exterior tissue causes the pain, extra bleeding, and even difficulty with urination and bowel movements. Due to the physical changes in the body from endometriosis, your body's Chi will be off track.

Acupuncture involves realigning your body's Chi by inserting multiple thin needles into various point on the body. With ongoing treatments by a licensed acupuncturist, you can reduce the pain and physical issues associated with your endometriosis.

Massage Therapy

Endometriosis causes a great deal of physical pain, but it can also wreak havoc on your emotional health. Not only does chronic pain affect your overall mood by causing depression and increasing stress, but it can also lead to troubling infertility issues. Fortunately, undergoing massage therapy can improve your physical and emotional pain associated with endometriosis.

During massage, the brain releases endorphins into the body. These neurotransmitters relax the central nervous system, easing pain and reducing stress.

Of course, massage also feels great on your tense muscles, bones, joints, and organs. Be sure to notify your licensed massage therapist that you are suffering with endometriosis pain before undergoing your treatment.

Endometriosis can be an overwhelming condition, but it does not have to permanently affect your life. With the help of your doctor and these holistic treatments, you can relieve the physical and emotional pain of endometriosis without invasive surgical procedures.

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