Top Tips For Managing Lower Back Pain

Does it hurt your back when you sit still for prolonged periods? Or does your back ache if you spend a long time standing up? If you're having trouble with everyday life because of pain, you don't have to try to simply tolerate it. When you don't want to have to take pain pills all the time, here are some things that can help ease the pain:

Light exercise: If your lower back pain is caused by aching muscles and not a pinched nerve, light exercise may help alleviate the issue. When you visit a doctor for lower back pain treatment, ask him or her if exercises can help with your pain. He or she might recommend starting with a small number of toe touches, before eventually moving on to more rigorous exercises. Exercise can build up your back muscles, so they no longer hurt. Exercise can also release endorphins, which can be powerful natural pain relievers. It's important to remember to continue your treatments and exercises only as prescribed by your doctor, in order to prevent further injury, flare-ups and recurrences. 

Change your bed: You can get all the lower back pain treatment in the world, but it may not help if your issue stems from your bed. Beds that are too hard or too firm can cause your spine to bend unnaturally when you sleep. If your pain is severe, you may benefit from a mattress with adjustable firmness. This will allow you to adjust settings until you find one that gives you the best sleep. When your aches and pains have only just started, you may not need to go to this expense. Simply purchase a non-adjustable bed that is softer, if your bed is hard, or firmer, if your bed is squishy.

Buy different shoes: If you're a woman who wears high heeled shoes to work, they may be the root of your issue. Tall heels can change your posture, potentially pinching nerves and pulling muscles. The same thing can be said for both men and women who wear taller cowboy boots. As fashionable or necessary as this footwear may seem, it may be better for your back if you purchase flatter shoes. Instead of tall heels, try to choose shoes that have as short a heel as possible. Changing up your shoes like this, so that your back is less stressed, can make any lower back pain treatment that you're receiving more effective.

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