3 Non-Surgical Treatment Options To Reduce The Symptoms Of Endometriosis

Endometriosis causes uterine tissue to grow outside of the uterus. Over time, this tissue can thicken, preventing a proper flow of blood during your menstrual cycle. The condition not only causes heavy bleeding and painful cramps, but also severe bloating, painful sexual intercourse, and fertility issues. Treating endometriosis is possible. If you are part of the 176 million women suffering with this condition, consider these non-surgical options to reduce the symptoms of your endometriosis.


Characterized by the insertion of small needles into the skin's surface, acupuncture is a holistic treatment that can reduce the symptoms of your endometriosis. Since the condition affects menstruation, acupuncture can improve this natural flow of blood by realigning your body's blood flow.  

During an acupuncture treatment, a licensed practitioner will place multiple thin needles directly into the skin at various points on the body. Known as "acupoints," these locations will be designated by the acupuncturist and based around your body's menstruation, bloating, infertility, and discomfort.

The thought of placing needles into your skin may sound frightening, but this holistic practice is a great deal less invasive than surgically treating your endometriosis.

Chiropractic Care

Visiting a chiropractor is also an effective option for treating your endometriosis. While surprising to learn, there is a strong connection between the spinal cord location and the location of your reproductive organs. Using chiropractic treatments to realign the spine can improve your body's peristaltic motions, which are responsible for reproduction.

If you are suffering with endometriosis, a chiropractor will conduct a spinal adjustment to restore the reproductive system and reduce discomfort. During this treatment, the chiropractor will realign the spine, neck, and head using their hands. While this maneuver may seem painful, spinal adjustments do not cause any pain or discomfort. For more information, contact Back & Neck Pain Center or a similar location.


Following a well-balanced diet is key to your underlying health and wellness, but increasing your intake of certain foods can improve the symptoms of your endometriosis.

Focus on eating whole, fresh foods including fruits and vegetables. Since endometriosis causes excessive bleeding, your body may lack iron. Add more green, leafy vegetables to your diet and consume at least 75 grams of quality protein each day. This will ensure your body has a sufficient amount of iron.

Decrease the amount of processed foods you consume each day. Processed foods contain growth hormones, which may increase your body's production of estrogen. Increasing hormones will increase bleeding and bloating while also affecting fertility.

Endometriosis can affect your physical and emotional health, but it does not have to cause permanent suffering. Using these tips, you can improve your symptoms of endometriosis without invasive surgical procedures.

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