Three Ways Chiropractic Care Will Benefit You As An Equestrian

As an equestrian, you probably go to great measures to keep your horse healthy and in peak shape. But what about your own body? You're half of the team, so it's important to take great care of yourself, too. One of the ways that you can boost your health and improve your performance as a rider is by seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. Here's a look at three ways in which chiropractic care will benefit you as an equestrian.

Chiropractic care will keep you balanced and even in the saddle.

You may not realize that you're leaning a little to the right or putting too much weight in one stirrup, but your horse will. Imbalances like this can impact the accuracy of your riding. If you're a dressage rider, for example, putting more weight in one stirrup than in the other can lead to uneven circles and your horse dropping his shoulder. If you're a barrel racer, it might impact the precision of your turns, causing you to knock barrels or go too wide. Often, uneven weight distribution in the saddle can be tied back to hips that are not sitting evenly in the pelvis. This is an issue that your chiropractor can correct. Once you're re-balanced, your riding will feel more fluid and you'll be able to sit evenly with less struggle.

Chiropractic care will ease muscle aches and discomfort.

Do you feel sore after your rides? Maybe you feel pain in your hips, legs, or back when you're in the saddle or afterwards. By adjusting your spine, your chiropractor can ensure that no excess stress is being placed on any of your tendons, ligaments or muscles. As a result, riding will be more comfortable – and you'll be able to train harder without taking so much time off to recover. This is especially important in more "jarring" equestrian sports like eventing and barrel racing.

Chiropractic care will leave you looser and more flexible.

The ability to relax your body and go with your horse is important in every discipline, from polo to western pleasure. You might not even realize that you're stiff, but that stiffness can lead to you being left behind when your horse spooks to the side, rather than following his motion. A stiff rider leads to a horse that moves stiffly, too. A chiropractic adjustment will leave your muscles through your back and legs looser, which will improve your riding regardless of your level.

When you see your chiropractor at a place like Red Rock Chiropractic, make sure you mention that you are an equestrian. Your chiropractor will then know what areas to focus on when adjusting your spine.

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