Air Travel Tips For Chiropractic Patients

When you have a bad back, getting ready for what should otherwise be an exciting family vacation can be stressful as you begin to worry about how your back will feel after hours of sitting on a cramped airplane. While there's no disputing that uncomfortable airplane seats can be problematic for people with back pain, you can take action by visiting your chiropractor in the days before you leave. This appointment will help get your back in alignment, and then it's up to you to take steps to reduce your pain along the way -- and make sure you schedule another adjustment once you're home from the trip. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Try To Get A Full Night's Sleep Before The Flight

Getting enough sleep before your flight can be a challenge if you have an early departure, but it's important to remember that sleeping -- provided you're in the right position -- is healthy for your back. Your muscles are restored while you sleep, which means that any sore back muscles should ideally feel better in the morning. This is why it's ideal to pack and plan for the trip in advance; when the night before the trip arrives, you can go to bed in a timely manner instead of stay up late packing.

Walk Around The Airport While You Wait

Given that you'll be sitting on the airplane for several hours, it's ideal to avoid your exposure to sitting while you're waiting at the airport. Given that you'll likely have a couple hours to kill before boarding, try to spend lots of that time walking. An airport provides plenty of ever-changing sights to enjoy, and walking keeps your blood pumping and your muscles loose -- both of which can help to keep your back pain at bay. While short periods of sitting are acceptable, try to move as much as possible.

Support Your Lower Back

Many people with back pain find that airplane seats aren't exactly comfortable -- this means that by the time you reach your destination, your spine could be out of alignment and causing you pain. You can lessen this risk by ensuring that your lower back is supported. Ask a flight attendant for a thin pillow and place it at the base of the back support of your seat. It should apply gentle pressure to the lumbar region of your back and help to maintain your spine's natural shape.

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