3 Types Of Knee Injuries That Your Chiropractor May Be Able To Help With

If you've injured your knee, your first instinct might be to visit your doctor to determine what is wrong. It's possible that your doctor will be able to diagnose the injury, or he or she may alternatively refer you to a specialist. However, another course of action to strongly consider is to schedule a consultation with a local chiropractor. At the appointment, you can explain how the injury occurred and what your symptoms are, and the chiropractor can then help you to perform a series of simple tests that can divulge more about the injury. In many cases, a chiropractor can successfully treat a knee injury with an adjustment and/or tissue manipulation. Here are three types of knee injuries that your chiropractor can treat.

1. Hyperextension

A knee hyperextension can occur when you step awkwardly. For example, if your foot lands in an indentation in the ground that you weren't expecting, your leg can straighten and hyperextend, resulting in an injury to your knee. This can make it sore to walk and stand in the days that follow the injury, and while such strains will often go away on their own, it's important for the chiropractor to look at the area and see if he or she can treat it. Gentle manipulation of the knee joint can reduce pain and help to restore your mobility.

2. Twist

A twisted knee is a relatively common injury that can take place in a variety of ways. This injury is prevalent among athletes, especially those who play with cleats. For example, a soccer player's cleats may stick in the ground for just a split second longer than anticipated while he or she turns, resulting in twisting pressure to the knee. A twisted knee can range in severity, so it's important for the chiropractor to look at it and see if he or she is able to perform an adjustment.

3. Dislocation

In the event of a car accident or sports injury, it could be possible to suffer a dislocated knee. This injury will cause considerable pain, and you should see a chiropractor right away. It's possible for the knee to slide back into place soon after the injury, but this doesn't mean that it's in the proper position. Your chiropractor can assess the joint and adjust it if necessary. A knee that moved back into position incorrectly can pose problems in the future, so it's good to deal with the problem promptly.

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