Popular Techniques Your Chiropractor Can Use For Back Pain

Many people have been choosing alternative medical practices to deal with back pain issues in recent years. Chiropractic care is one of those practices, and it focuses on helping disorders related to the nervous and musculoskeletal systems and their effects on a patient's overall wellbeing. 

So, if you are constantly dealing with back pain, consider seeing a chiropractor. They will deal with the root cause of the problem, alleviate the pain, and recommend that you make certain lifestyle changes to avoid the issue. But how do they treat back pain? Here are several adjustment techniques chiropractors use.

Gonstead Adjustment

This is the most popular technique a chiropractor is likely to use to diagnose and alleviate back pain. For instance, if you're struggling with long-term back pain, your chiropractor's objective will be to locate the problematic area of your spine and make the necessary adjustments. 

In such a case, the Gonstead technique can be used to analyze the spinal region, and adjustments will be made to realign the spine. This minimizes inflammation and pain in the affected areas. The Gonstead technique is considered the safest, and that's why it's applied to many patients, including pregnant women, the elderly, and children.

Spine Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy involves stretching and relaxing a patient's lumbar spine to reduce back pain. You will be asked to lay on a traction table, and then the chiropractor will control the table to extend your spine. The technique's goal is to minimize pressure on a patient's spine and restore the spinal discs to their respective positions.

Activator Technique

This treatment entails using a handheld instrument to apply a pulsating force on the spine. Your chiropractor will ask you to lie on a table, face down, so they can deliver an energetic force to increase mobility and reduce back pain. The technique is often suitable for people with severe back pain and the elderly.

Diversified Chiropractic Technique

When you schedule an appointment with a chiropractor and need instant back pain relief, this is likely the technique they'll use to treat you. The method offers a unique way to adjust the lumbar disk herniation, which causes most back pain issues. 

It entails thrusting the hand with resistance from blocks or a table, and the result will be a loud popping sound of the joints. Once the adjustments are done, you will get instant relief on your back, neck, or legs because the problematic joints are restored, and neurologic function will improve. For more information, contact a chiropractor near you.

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