Make Chiropractic Care Central To Your Lower Back Pain Management Strategy

Lower back pain can be more than a nuisance. When it flares up, you may have trouble even sitting at your desk or walking down stairs. If your back pain is caused by a herniated disc or spinal arthritis, you may ultimately need surgery to experience complete relief. However, most mild to moderate cases can be managed non-surgically. You'll just need a comprehensive and focused plan to address the lower back pain from multiple angles. Chiropractic care can be central to that strategy. Here's how.

Your chiropractor can adjust your back to take pressure off the sore part of your spine

People often say that chiropractors put the spine back in alignment, or that they make sure the vertebrae are in place. This is partially true, but it is incomplete. Chiropractors have quite a lot of flexibility as to how they adjust the spine. They can move vertebrae around, to some degree, in order to create more space between some and less space between others. If you have lower back pain, your chiropractor will often adjust your spine to create more space between the vertebrae in that area. In doing so, they will take pressure off the sore vertebrae and discs in your lower back. 

Your chiropractor can improve your posture

Posture has a huge impact on lower back pain. Sit in certain ways and you'll further compress your lumbar spine and make the pain worse. Sit in other ways and you'll take pressure off the spine and minimize pain. Your chiropractor will often be able to tell, based on how your spine moves between appointments, how good your posture is during the week. They can then give you tips for improvement and show you better ways to sit.

Your chiropractor can show you stretches and exercises

Chiropractors do not usually focus as heavily on stretches and exercises as physical therapists. If your chiropractor thinks you can benefit from physical therapy, they may give you a referral. But in many cases, they can show you at least a couple of stretches that you can rely on when your lower back pain flares up. When your pain does build, it is nice to know you have a way to stretch and relieve it.

If you struggle with low back pain, consider seeing a chiropractor in your area. The care they offer can become the backbone of your pain management strategy, moving forward.

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